About YCG - Overview

The Fund’s investment adviser is YCG, LLC (“YCG”). YCG is an investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. In addition to serving as the investment adviser to the YCG Enhanced Fund (YCGEX), YCG offers professional investment management services to individuals, investment advisers, and institutions through separate account management. For more information regarding our separately managed accounts, please visit www.ycginvestments.com.

YCG is wholly owned by its principals Brian Yacktman (President , Chief Investment Officer, and Portfolio Manager), Will Kruger (Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer), and Elliott Savage (Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager).

YCG seeks to achieve high risk-adjusted returns using a concentrated, long-term approach. We search for securities that are trading at prices that we believe will produce attractive long-term compound annualized returns with reasonable investment risk. Generally, we gravitate towards high quality businesses that are low in capital intensity and cyclicality and that are managed with shareholders in mind.